Business Plan

Management Policy

Creating New Businesses amid
Open Innovation

Supplying Services and Standards
Online and Globally

Objectives of the Business Plan

Online and on a Global Scale
Promoting our One-Stop-Solution platforms

  • ・ Our online quality control system Ni-QCS: Deployment of services such as online seminars and EC payments in addition to surveillance functions
  • ・ Our distribution platform: Combining production management systems and wholesale transaction information with our Salesforce Tableau*

Salesforce Tableau: A visual analytics BI platform that can transform data-driven problem solving by maximally leveraging your organization’s data.
For further details, please see the Salesforce Japan website.

Open Innovation
New product development

  • ・ Functional enhancement and renewal of our company’s key commodities (such as RAISUS S4, CompactDry, and immunochromatography reagents)
  • ・ Synergistic collaboration utilizing Shimadzu Corporation’s products and sales network

Open InnovationOnline and on a Global Scale

  • ・ Expanding certifications of CompactDry, our main overseas product, and expansion of certifications for other overseas products
  • ・ Development of new products that meet the needs of each global region

Open Innovation
Expansion of production volume

  • ・ Promotion of OEM contract businesses in conjunction with new product releases
  • ・ ODM development in accordance with the needs of the market and other companies

Open Innovation
Restructuring of production bases

  • ・ Initiatives for the new factory construction site in Goka town, Sashima district, Ibaraki Prefecture, acquired in 2019
  • ・ Quality that is in accordance with legal standards and third-party certification standards such as ISO and HACCP, and restructuring of systems

Employee training and acquisition of ready-to-be-deployed
human resources

  • ・ Cultivating awareness of mind-set in small groups
  • ・ Acquisition of requisite new workforce in proportion to the expansion of the scale of the business and the development of new services

Open InnovationOnline and on a Global Scale
Overseas expansion

  • ・ Strengthening the strategies for the trilateral regions of Japan, the United States, and Europe
  • ・ Collaboration between the French group company, (Shimadzu Diagnostics Europe) and Shimadzu Corporation’s overseas group companies

Open InnovationOnline and on a Global Scale
Open innovation

  • ・ Strengthening collaboration with business firms operating in the domain of regenerative medicine
  • ・ Joint development and collaboration for new core products

Prospective synergy effects in the future

  • Shimadzu Group’s capabilities in the development and manufacturing of equipment
  • The global network of the Shimadzu Group
  • Advanced technologies of the National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition
  • Existing businesses of group companies
Prospective synergy effects in the future