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4. Cautions regarding HTML

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5. Content

Shimadzu Diagnostics exercises all due care regarding the information posted on this website. Nevertheless, Shimadzu Diagnostics does not guarantee that information will be either accurate, useful, or complete, or free from errors, viruses, or other threats. Shimadzu Diagnostics shall bear no responsibility for any damages whatsoever arising from the use or inability to use either this website or information posted on this website.

Information on Shimadzu Diagnostics products is included in this website. However, because this information is based on products sold inside Japan, it is not necessarily the same as information on Shimadzu Diagnostics products sold outside of Japan. Much of the product information included in this website is for pharmaceuticals that cannot be dispensed without a prescription written by a physician. This product information is neither a promotion nor advertisement of the effectiveness of the products covered.

This website does not provide advice or services that should be provided by a physician, pharmacist, or other medical professional, and is not a substitute for such.

6. Changes in Content and Termination of Service

Shimadzu Diagnostics may make changes to the content of this website or terminate operation of this website without prior notification.

7. Information Received via Email

Regarding unsolicited information received from website users via email or other means, Shimadzu Diagnostics bears no responsibility to return such information and, except for users’ personal information (Please refer to the provisions regarding the handling of personal information.), does not treat such information as confidential. Furthermore, except for personal information, Shimadzu Diagnostics is free to use the information referred to herein without restriction.

8. Links

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9. Other

These terms and conditions have been formulated, and shall be interpreted, based on the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for all disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions.