In its R&D activities, Shimadzu Diagnostics Corporation pursues understanding of natural drugs - a field in which it has many years of accumulated knowledge; development of products that apply its strength in integrated manufacturing of products using natural raw materials; and understanding of how to add high value, for example, in developing products that make use of Shimadzu Diagnostics’s culturing and antibody technologies. By constantly advancing R&D that changes the industry and the future, Shimadzu Diagnostics is creating product and business value.

While discerning social trends and changes in technology, we perform basic, applied, and commercialization research in each of our business areas. Working with external research institutions on endeavors that are built around accumulated knowledge and seek new technologies is one way in which we strive to assemble unique basic technologies that give rise to innovation. Driven to investigate areas that look forward to the next generation, we are searching for more possibilities and moving forward with R&D targeting advancement and concrete results in each of our business areas.

Open Innovation

In focusing on the development of products with new value, Shimadzu Diagnostics practices open innovation - an R&D approach that combines our own technologies with the technologies and ideas of other companies, universities, etc. and leads to the emergence of innovative business models, research results, and new products.

Shimadzu Diagnostics Strengths

Shimadzu Diagnostics uses its own technologies and ideas, alone or in combination with intellectual property belonging to other companies or to universities, to come up with innovations that lead to groundbreaking business models, research results, and products. Pursuit of these activities is included in our medium-term business plan.

With the commoditization of products, and shortening of product life cycles, companies are approaching the limit on innovation they can achieve on their own. Shimadzu Diagnostics, therefore, focuses on creating new value by actively drawing on external resources and knowledge.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is an area of medicine in which organs or tissues damaged by injury or disease are repaired by transplanting cells or tissues that restore lost functionality.
One of Shimadzu Diagnostics’s main fields of endeavor is the application of culture-medium know-how accumulated in its existing business to develop high-quality media used in regenerative medicine.

Regenerative Medicine Business Model

R&D System

Shimadzu Diagnostics pursues R&D mainly through its Central Research Laboratory, in Yuki, Ibaraki Prefecture.

In clinical diagnostic agents, one of the fields we cover through our clinical diagnostic agent business, we develop diagnostic agents that enable simple, rapid, accurate diagnoses of diabetes, circulatory diseases, and bacterial and viral diseases.

In the field of industrial reagent, also covered by our clinical diagnostic agent business, we are working to advance development of the field by, for example, focusing on the development of bacteriological testing agents for HACCP applications, environmental testing agents, and products for regenerative medicine.

R&D Facility

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Central Research Laboratory

Intellectual Property

Aiming to achieve further growth, Shimadzu Diagnostics, starting with the goals of each of its business strategies and aiming for close integration with its technology strategies, designs and assembles optimal mixes of intellectual property (Patents, confidential know-how, contractual rights, brands, etc.) and devises strategic applications that it vigorously implements to achieve sustained competitive advantage. At the same time, we take appropriate measures in respecting the intellectual property of others.

At Shimadzu Diagnostics, we use our intellectual property for more than our own in-house applications. Indeed, we proactively put it to work in value creation and business collaboration efforts with various business partners.