Quality and Safety Initiatives

Quality and Reliability - Responsibility in Customer Relations

At its most basic level, manufacturing is the pursuit of quality and reliability, and providing customers with products they can be satisfied with. At Shimadzu Diagnostics, we base our manufacturing activities on the principle of putting the customer first and strive to maximize customer satisfaction in our development, production, sales, service, and management activities.

Quality Assurance Approach

Shimadzu Diagnostics has obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and every department from product planning to development, production, sales, and service works with a tremendous sense of unity to consistently make products in a manner that is safe, imaginative, and characterized by high quality.

Through our approach to quality assurance, we seek to enhance safety and quality for our customers. Our approach to quality assurance enables us to provide environmentally friendly products and services, and comply with international standards and laws and regulations in countries throughout the world.

Quality Assurance Approach

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Sincerely accepting and responding to customer feedback is important. Shimadzu Diagnostics, therefore, regularly conducts customer satisfaction surveys. We use the results of these surveys to not only improve our products and quality assurance system but also develop products that anticipate customer needs and create unique services to provide customers with new value. Continuously gathering, analyzing, and applying customer feedback data allows us to constantly improve customer satisfaction.