Human Resource Development


Shimadzu Diagnostics strives to create work environments that respect individuality and human rights, and enable individuals to fully exercise their capabilities.

Basic Concepts

To achieve its management objectives, Shimadzu Diagnostics creates environments that enable female employees to make ongoing contributions in various fields. By also helping employees to balance their work and personal lives, we are endeavoring to create a corporate culture that allows for the full exercise of professional capabilities.

Protecting the Human Rights of Employees

Shimadzu Diagnostics helps to ensure protection of its employees’ basic human rights by respecting the freedom of assembly and the right to bargain collectively, both of which are guaranteed by Japan’s constitution and labor laws. To prevent situations in which employees spend excessive amounts of time at work, we abide by the overtime provisions of Japan’s Labor Standards Act.

Enhancing Awareness of the Need to Respect Human Rights

Shimadzu Diagnostics conducts training for employees, when they first join us and when they are promoted, to help them – as members of society and in their professional capacities – better understand and refine their awareness of human rights.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

Shimadzu Diagnostics aims to create environments where a diverse, talented workforce can more actively and enjoyably exercise its capabilities. Toward that end, we enhance and improve conditions and systems to support employees who have childcare, nursing care, or other such responsibilities outside the workplace.

Childcare and Nursing Care

System Description
Childcare leave Leave may be taken to care for children up to 18 months of age.
Shortened working hours (Childcare) Working hours may be reduced to six hours per day for employees with children yet to enter elementary school.
Leave to care for a sick child A maximum of five days per year, per child, and 10 days in total per child, maybe taken to care for sick children who have yet to enter elementary school.
Nursing care leave Up to 93 days per year, per person requiring care, may be taken to provide care for a family member.
Shortened working hours (Nursing care) Working hours may be reduced to six hours per day for a total of 93 days per year to provide nursing care for a family member.
Rehiring system for individuals who have left the Company to meet family responsibilities Individuals who have given up their jobs with the Company to provide nursing care or because their spouse has had to relocate for their job may be rehired under this system.

Promoting the Careers of Women

Shimadzu Diagnostics has devoted significant efforts to:
1) Enhancing systems that help employees meet both work and home responsibilities; 2) Highlighting role models and conducting other educational initiatives; and 3) Providing career-development assistance and engaging in other activities to promote the careers of women. Going forward, we will remain steadfast in our encouragement of greater participation by women in our business activities.

Post-Retirement Employment Continuation System

At Shimadzu Diagnostics, employees retire at age 60. For those who wish to continue working, however, we have created a system under which we will continue to employ individuals with high levels of expertise and experience until age 65.

Occupational Health and Safety

Employee health and safety is critical to the success of Shimadzu Diagnostics’s business activities, and we devote significant efforts to securing the health and safety of our employees.

Basic Concepts

Employee health and safety is fundamentally important to the success of our business activities and one of our greatest concerns. Ensuring the health and safety of employees depends on strength in three areas – people, tangible capital, and management. Shimadzu Diagnostics, therefore, strives to achieve zero-accident operations by developing employees with a safety-first mentality, implementing rigorous safety measures for our facilities and raw materials, and exercising painstaking safety management.

Good physical and mental health are essential for employees to be able to work with enthusiasm, so we provide services and support to promote physical and mental wellbeing. These include health checkups, daily-life advice, health consultation, mental health training, a program for those returning after an extended absence, as well as other types of support.

Through measures such as these, we are providing individual employees with resources to use in personally managing their physical and mental health.

Health and Safety Management Organization and the Management System

Shimadzu Diagnostics has established a health and safety management organization in accordance with its internal rules. Company management engages in proper safety management and business operations under this system.

To achieve ongoing improvements in health and safety management standards, we are moving forward with the establishment of an occupational safety and health management system. This management system provides a framework not only for compliance with laws, regulations, and our internal rules but also for making operations safer by conducting regular internal audits and risk assessments for hazardous work.

Health and Safety Education

In accordance with internal rules, Shimadzu Diagnostics conducts health and safety training for new hires, employees who have been promoted to management or supervisory positions, and employees engaged in work with risky or hazardous characteristics.

Health Checkups and Follow-ups

As stipulated by Japan’s Industrial Safety and Health Law, Shimadzu Diagnostics has all of its employees undergo annual health checkups and follow-up examinations when called for. In addition, we arrange special examinations for employees who handle organic solvents or other hazardous substances and conduct interviews for employees working long hours.

Mental Health Support

Mental Health Training

Shimadzu Diagnostics conducts mental health training for employees in management and supervisory positions. Emphasizing improvements in listening, assertion*, and other communication skills, we use this training to help ensure that no employees suffer negative impacts to their mental health.

Assertion is a communication skill. It is the ability to properly express one’s thoughts and desires based on the position that everyone has the right to do so.

Return-to-Work Program

Shimadzu Diagnostics has improved its return-to-work program in an effort to maintain the mental health of employees returning to work after an extended absence. In addition, when recommended by an industrial physician, working hours can be shortened, assigned positions changed, and work requirements adjusted to ensure a smooth return to the workplace.

Return-to-Work Program