Message from the President

Tokuya Ono
Tokuya Ono

Our management policy is to be a company that creates new business amid open innovation and supplies services and standards online and globally. We have developed an expansive array of products in areas such as diagnostic agents covering the diverse needs of clinical testing, industrial testing agents that support hygiene-management in the food industry, and cell culture business that providing media and reagents used in the fields of regenerative medicine and cell therapy. However, the environment surrounding us in recent times has seen the globalization of new technological development and partnerships, creating fast-evolving conditions that demand speed in all aspects of business.

We practice open innovation through active investment guided by our core objectives of providing the products, quality, and services customers seek. Therefore, we aim to create new value through the further development of existing businesses and advancement of new business endeavors. We will focus management resources on growth opportunities in each of our businesses and aim to meet customer expectations by continuing to provide high-quality products and services, with greater speed.

Shimadzu Diagnostics respects social norms, upholds corporate ethics, and abides by laws and regulations. We constantly endeavor to live up to the trust stakeholders place in us and to contribute to society through the sustained growth of our businesses. We sincerely ask for your ongoing support and understanding as we strive to fulfill these aims.