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There is always a better way.
This is the central space where bacteria scientists are working.

Colony Counter Global Service


@BactLAB App "One Point Animation"

  • * Please take a photo on white and plain place in a bright room.
  • * No shadow please.
  • * No reflection please.
  • * Data is safely stored on the AWS Cloud.
  • * @BactLAB™ is the application exclusively for CompactDry™.



The safety and security of foods are important for humans to live.
The examination of bacteria in foods and drinking water is easily available to everyone.
The product supports human life in any place and region.

  • - Easy bacterial counting using a familiar mobile device by everyone around the world.
  • - Trying to promote operational efficiency using the global cloud and AI.
  • - Adding value to CompactDry™ to play a role in the improvement of the QOL.

From Japan to the World across borders ~ Beyond The Sea ~

CompactDryTM auto count with “AI”


Colony Counter Global Service